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Vantage expands its world-class data center expertise to Europe.

Now hyperscale, cloud and enterprise companies can partner with a global leader in wholesale data centers.

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Why Vantage?

At Vantage, we operate some of the world’s most flexible and scalable data centers with a near-maniacal focus on efficiency, operational excellence, reliability, testing, and maintenance.

With campuses across North America and Europe, we partner with—and support—the most demanding of clients in locations where they need to be.



Customizing your data center to your needs isn’t part of the process; it is the process. No matter the size of the deployment, we can make your data center dreams come true.


We've delivered customized solutions for a diverse array of companies and industries—from a company’s first high-density deployment to a 60,000-square-foot build-to-suit scenario.

Planning & Designing

Engineering; CFD; Collaboration;
Plan for scale


Fit out; Project management;
Physical move; Project coordination


Kickoff meeting;
Customer portal; Smart Hands;
Ongoing operational review


By combining our radically efficient operational processes with the benefits of metered power, we keep your PUE and TCO as low as they can go.


We give you the performance you require at the lowest possible cost.
No unnecessary redundancies. No wasted energy.

Incredibly Smart Design

Our world-class architectural, engineering, and operations teams tailor the data center to your needs while maximizing efficiencies.

Low Power Rates

With dedicated substations at many of our sites, we provide lower per-kWh rates than many of our competitors.

Radical Efficiency

By exploiting infrastructure innovations, we achieve low PUEs and offer savings over other high-efficiency data centers.


No matter your scalability requirements or expansion goals, we have the capacity, fiber, and vision to meet your ever-growing needs—without breaking your budget.


Looking for more contiguous and configurable space? We’ve got it. Plus, the interconnections, cloud access, and IT support necessary to future-proof your business.

The perks of Vantage's campus-style developments

Building, leasing, and operating our own facilities lets us perform at a level you'd only expect from the bigger guys.
Greater capacity for expansion means you can reduce your business’ operational overhead.
We run dark fiber between all Vantage buildings, so any space on our campus can be connected directly.


You + Vantage. Think of us as data center co-creators. You stay in control of your infrastructure, while we provide the expertise and on-premises support to maximize your performance and minimize your risk.


Because we're 100% confident in our service, we make our entire customer list available on request. So go ahead and talk behind our backs. We love it!

One Word: Transparency

With quarterly client reviews and tools like the customer portal, we keep you informed and work together on solving issues.

Expert Guidance 24/7

From architecture and engineering to design, security, and maintenance, our team of operational experts will work with you on any issue, day or night.

Raising the Bar

Got a thing for continuous improvement? So do we. Our ongoing consulting services help you boost performance, cut cost, and smoke the competition.


With locations in some of the top data center markets in North America and Europe, see why our campuses have a competitive advantage to take your business to the next level.