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How Vantage Builds a Data Center Campus (From the Ground Up)

Vantage is currently building a brand-new data center campus in Northern Virginia. From site selection to power to amenities, we wanted to document the progress as well as our thought process at each step of construction. What better way to show you the right way to build a data center than have data center (non)experts Kip & Gary show you the wrong way. Throughout construction of Vantage Northern Virginia we’ll bring you a new Kip & Gary comic as well as a special look into what it takes to not only build a new data center, but a Vantage Data Centers campus.

Kip & Gary's Cool Data center

Kip and Gary may have built a “cool” data center, but not exactly a data center built to last (or even a data center that any sane person would ever want to willingly enter, let alone put racks into). Kip & Gary are way off on how they’re actually constructing the data center, but they are on the right track thinking about efficiency built into every part of it.    

Purpose-building data center campuses for efficiency, low PUE and customer satisfaction is what Vantage does, and we’re bringing that dedication to modern efficient data center design to Northern Virginia. Our new 108MW Northern Virginia campus is currently under construction. We’re building the new campus from the ground up, and when the first 24MW phase of the campus comes online in early 2019, every square inch will have been engineered for maximum efficiency and customer comfort.

When we talk about efficiency, often it comes down to how a data center handles cooling. Our experience building data centers in Silicon Valley has given us considerable insight into how to best implement cooling solutions. We’re bringing that experience to Northern Virginia. Our new campus will include solutions to maximize efficiency and sustainability like:

  • Chilled Water Economizers – When the outside temperature drops to a favorable level, water circulates through heat exchangers and is cooled by outside air (instead of running compressors). This is a much more efficient way to cool the data center and offers cooling redundancy by providing chilled water in the (unlikely) event the chiller goes offline.
  • Air-Side Economization – When temperatures are mild, air-side economizers use no water and minimal electrical power to manage airflow.

These are just a few ways we engineer our data centers for maximum efficiency. Our goal is ensuring that as little power as possible needs to be diverted to run non-critical IT so you have the power you need to run your systems and equipment.

Building a data center built for efficient cooling is one thing, but building a cool data center is another, and it’s another area in which Vantage Northern Virginia will have you covered. We know that our customers spend a lot of time in the data center, so we build with customer care and comfort in mind. Vantage Northern Virginia will include dedicated customer office space, always-available conference rooms to keep teams working efficiently and large-scale break room facilities with food, games, entertainment and more. Vantage builds data centers you’ll actually want to spend time in, and our brand-new Northern Virginia campus will be no different.

While Kip and Gary may not know how to build a really cool data center properly, Vantage does, and if you’d like to receive VIP updates on the progress of our new Northern Virginia campus (and get a 2019 Kip & Gary calendar), just click here.