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How Vantage Builds a Data Center Campus: Power and Electricity

Vantage is currently building a brand-new data center campus in Northern Virginia. From site selection to power to amenities, we wanted to document the progress as well as our thought process at each step of construction. What better way to show you the right way to build a data center than have data center (non)experts Kip & Gary show you the wrong way. Throughout construction of Vantage Northern Virginia (NoVa), we’ll bring you a new Kip & Gary comic, as well as a special look into what it takes to not only build a new data center, but a Vantage Data Centers campus.

Kip and Gary may be staying in shape, but building a data center with reliable, efficient power? Not so much. Vantage, on the other hand, has power and electricity well in hand in our new 108MW Northern Virginia data center campus.

As Vantage grows and expands to new markets, we are dedicated to designing data centers and campuses with modern technologies so we can offer customers the most value and efficiency possible.  When the first phase of construction wraps up in early 2019, Vantage’s Northern Virginia campus will have the latest in data center design—including a highly reliable, highly efficient power topology.

Having a data center with robust redundancy is an absolute must for our customers. We also know that our customers need to get value from their data center investment. That’s why Vantage NoVa will have N+1 redundancy—it offers increased construction efficiency and savings we can pass onto our customers.

Speaking of value and reliability, Vantage has partnered with local provider Dominion Power which offers outstanding reliability and competitive power rates (which we extend to customers). Also, while we’re on the subject of power sources, Vantage is always looking for ways to add sustainable power sources, like solar, to non-critical areas. This is just one part of our dedication to expanding as responsibly and sustainably as possible to better serve our customers and our community.

Kip and Gary definitely can’t say the same. Even though they don’t quite have the brain power to power a data center, Vantage does. If you’d like to receive VIP updates on the progress of our new Northern Virginia campus (and get a 2019 Kip & Gary calendar), just click here.